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Magic Candle Company

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Aloha! Be reminded of past family vacations and the tropical atmosphere of a Polynesian destination with our Polynesian Paradise fragrance. This scent features nuances of fresh green tea mixed with effervescent citrus top notes and crisp bamboo stalks.

Available as a 8 oz. or 16 oz. candle, 4 oz. room spray, wax melt or 5ml fragrance oil.


Magic Candle Company candles are made with a custom blend of Paraffin and Soy waxes which gives our customers the best of both worlds. Our unique Paraffin/Soy blend provides an amazing fragrance throw while maintaining the creamy look and environment friendly usability of Soy wax. This combination, along with our Wooden Wicks which produce a tantalizing crackling sound and soothing visual aesthetic while burning, creates the best quality product for you and your home.

Customer Reviews

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Bring home the Magic!

Oh My Disney!!! This is exactly what the Poly smells like. I absolutely love it. I have the candles and oils in this amazing scent and have it going in my home on a daily basis. Love when Hubby comes home an says, "I smell the Poly!" :) Thanks Magic Candle Co for helping me bring home the magic!!!

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So Good!!

This is one of the first scents I've tried from Magic Candle Company and it is amazing! I ordered the 4 pack of fragrance oils and this was one of them. I absolutely adore this scent & can't get enough. I highly recommend it and will be ordering more for sure. I need it in every medium now -- car, room spray, candle... So good!

Mules Pantoletten Beco Beco Black Pantoletten

Perfect for me

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I've never even been to the Polynesian Resort, but wanted to give an outsider's perspective on the scene. I wanted a summery candle to provide a tropical vacation feel. This fit the bill well; the scent is not aggressively floral like some candles you find, and the uniquity of the aromas used provide a satisfactory "exotic" vibe without resorting purely to pineapple or coconut. This may be less unique than other candles, but I think it has a broader appeal as a regularly used scent.

Exact Poly lobby scent

This candle couldn’t be any more perfect than it already is. It smells like I am standing in the middle of the Poly. My fave scent in all of WDW.

My intro to Magic Candle hooked!

I had been seeing ads for Magic Candle Company on Facebook for awhile and finally decided to try one out. I ordered the Polynesian Paradise candle. That first burn, I was hooked!

Pantoletten Mules Beco Black Pantoletten Beco
It smells exactly like the Polynesian and brings a smile to my face every time it burns.

It's also a really great candle! For just an 8oz size, it lasts really long. It also doesn't appear to give off any damaging black smoke (that can be harmful to walls, etc.)!

Keep up the great work!

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